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The Need for Analytics

In the current digital era analytics is gold. Data driven business decisions and data driven customer interactions are bringing revenue and growth to successful organizations. However, mining data and turning it into useful analytics is a daunting task. Getting analytics on demand and in real time poses even greater challenges. It requires going beyond implementing trending tools , understanding data patterns, behavior, and translating them into the organization’s favor.

The Kyyba Tech Difference

Kyyba Tech’s analytics solution goes deeper beyond ETL, data cubes, and reports. We have industry specific solutions and processes for data gathering and compliance against the best definitions, data corrections for compliance, business rules driven and highly scalable- integration & data mining services, multi-dimension data cubes, executive dashboards and reports. We have experience with industry leading data tools to scale up effective and smart solutions.

Analytics Solution Overview

Kyyba’s Analytic Solution provides information-rich decision support, delivering reliable information for more effective operations. Drive your business outcomes, go beyond dashboards and ad-hoc reporting.

  • Kyyba Proprietary solution to monitor and enhance data quality, agility in Data intake process.
  • Kyyba custom framework for ETL, Database Design, development.
  • Kyyba custom solution for executive Dashboards and Ad hoc Reporting.

Kyyba Tech’s analytics solution starts with quality data gathering. We take data governance seriously, and in most implementations, build a data compliance engine. Data which fails on compliance gets auto corrected or sent to origin with detailed feedback.

After getting quality data intake, data integration comes into play. For data integration, Kyyba Tech recommends business rules driven data transformation so data can be sliced and diced and merged with relevant information to represent the big picture. During data integration we also perform new data pattern detection and confirmation to existing standard patterns. This goes a long way for data mining.

After getting data integrated, it’s time for multi-dimension data cubes which can feed any reporting engine or even cater to users’ ad-hoc analytics. Data mining engines can also leverage data cubes, patterns which were detected during data integration, and analysis of new data against standard metrics.

Reporting or dashboards can be done with multiple solutions available. Kyyba Tech has a partnership with industry leading analytics products to deliver the state-of-the-art solutions, reports and dashboards.