Cyber Security

At Kyyba Tech, we approach security to implement cyber security services to migrate from legacy and custom solutions to industry standard security solutions, proactively implement threat solutions, help achieve compliance levels, provide end to end security to data, application and network. We perform gap analysis, help define strategy, roadmap and recommend industry standard solutions.

Tech Offerings


Security Device Management

Fraud and Online Threat

Application Security

Data Protection Services


Cyber Defense Services


We offer services including implementation of entire life cycle in Identity and Access management, end to end single sign-on implementations, automation of onboarding/offboarding processes, privileged identity management, consolidation of security infrastructure for cost reduction and better user experience.

Security Device Management and Data Protection Services

We offer end point protection for multiple devices, security platform support, implement perimeter security controls, help resolve incidents and handle technology upgrades. When it comes to data, we help customers to prevent data from loss, classify data, encrypt and mask data to implement Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) model.

Fraud and Online Threat / Cyber Defense

We look for opportunities to prevent threat and provide services for transaction based monitoring, multi-factor authentication to block unwanted users and allow legitimate users using risk based authentication and prevent phishing attacks by implementing industry standard tools and policies to achieve compliance levels. We are also specialized in providing log management and SIEM implementation for detection and monitoring.

Application Security

Security vulnerabilities should be identified early in the stage to eliminate security vulnerabilities in live production and should be addressed/resolved to safeguard organizations data. We provide solutions to perform secure code reviews, dynamic and static application security testing to identify and help resolve vulnerabilities.


Governance, Risk and Compliance are key to meet legal and regulatory compliance. We offer services to implement policies, process & procedures and help customers to establish GRC model for organizations.