Digital Transformation

In the current digital era, digital transformation is the focus for organizations across industries. Digital transformation is not just legacy system transformation to web, it is increased customer engagements, it captures micro interactions and creates a great customer experience. Most organizations agree that digital transformation is the key IT goal, but often needs guide in managing cost, quality and expert help in turnaround time.

Tech Offerings

Browser Agnostics UI

UI/X Enhancements

Data Rich UI

ADA, ARIA, 508 Compliant

Why Kyyba Tech

We are a leader in digital transformation. With multiple successful implementations across the private industries and government entities, we have transformed the custom framework and the best implementation practices and processes. Our people, process and technology goes beyond the need and creates solution which is highly responsive, interactive and delivers a great user experience..

Kyyba Tech has deep focus on user experience, technical architecture, complex business rules and data integration, scalability, and security. We have a built in custom JavaScript library which provides multiple UI components ready for out-of-the-box usage. We have predefined middleware templates for REST implementation, our middleware templates have built in user access roles, OAuth based security framework which can be integrated any standalone third-party product for ID and access management.

Custom Libraries

Building great UI components which delivers functionality, ability to handle complex data and rules and enhance customer experience could be a daunting task. To simplify this challenge, we have built a custom JavaScript library which can be used in any solution. We also have UI micro framework which binds these components together to create a single-page application.

Delivery Framework

Kyyba Tech has evolved the delivery framework which has a process built in for requirements gathering, solution design, wireframes for UI/X, code management, CI/CD integration, peer review, style and CSS management, production support, and hot fixes. We work together, ship products fast and maintain the pace that is often a challenge for most technical leaders.