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Employee Testimonials

Do you have a testimonial that you would like to include? We value employee feedback.

"I have been with Kyyba for over two and a half years now, and am pleased with the opportunities that have been provided to me as an employee. I have experienced excellent support in multiple avenues including feedback on performance, and updates on international status and sponsorship. Kyyba has also provided incentives to gain bonuses for referrals which has allowed me to promote candidates that are suitable for various positions available and earn a little more. In the time I have worked with them they have maintained a good employer to employee relationship and provided support to advance in my career."
- Prototype Build Engineer

"I would like to appreciate you for assisting me in finding a wonderful position in a world class chemical manufacturing company, where I can use my skills and obtain valuable experience. I knew finding the first job after graduation would be challenging. Your help means a lot to me. I've been recommending Kyyba to my friends who are about to graduate and are concerned about employment."
- Quality Lab Technician
"I want to say thank you very much for sending my paycheck overnight. I really appreciate the extra thought in helping me out. As stated before........being out of work for over 4 months had left me with limited funds. You guys in the office take good care of your employees...........Thanks again!"
- IT Analyst III

"I had the opportunity to take advantage of the training program Kyyba offered and it was a great experience. I was able to obtain the study guides and books needed to complete the training course all at no out of pocket cost. I was also afforded the opportunity to take the examination for which the training course prepared me for, also at no out of pocket cost. The training program is an awesome tool that you can take advantage of to further your career and a great part of the benefit package offered by Kyyba. I would recommend everyone to take advantage of the many programs and certifications offered."
-IT Compliance Analyst

"I appreciate all the wonderful consulting opportunities which you had provided me during my stay with the company for the last 8 years, It is really great and proud to work with such a wonderful and professional set of people. Thank you for placing me here and giving a chance to serve the company all of these years.

You guys are always available whether it is the help related to my immigration related matters, on time salary, medical benefits etc. I am very fortunate and lucky to find such employers in this world. Thank you for processing all of my H1b/addressing my RFE's with the presentable documentations, your flexibility on the negotiations and few others are countless. During this period, I am available at the client for all the professional guidance, KT, documentation and support on all the develop components which I was working since last 1 plus years at this client.

I wish you and Kyyba family a best of luck and a big success in the future.
Thank you & Have a wonderful day,"
-Systems Analyst

"I have nothing but good to say about Kyyba and its personnel. This is the first time that I have worked for a contract house and from the start with [Account Executive] and [Account Support Representative], they have worked to make my transition an easy one. Any issues or questions I posed were handled in a very timely manner.

Thank you Kyyba and Thank you [Account Support Representative] and [Account Executive]."
-Gage Specialist

"Kyyba Inc. is an excellent staffing service offering engineering and opportunities to fresh graduates and the one who possess experiences in the related field. Kyyba services has a broad spectrum for personnel looking out for carrier opportunities to many other industries ranging from automotive, IT, financial and to others. They have excellent client side experiences, backing up the practical with professional understanding of the respective roles and the communication process. Right from the start Kyyba impressed me with their efficient approach to their employees with benefits or filling government documents like H1B, H4 or Green Card.

I would definitely recommend Kyyba to all those who are looking out for a great start and reliable-secured future. I am very pleased with their approach and dedication to their employee."
-Quality Control Engineer

Kyyba have been absolutely professional in the way they have handled me as an employee and my end client. Kyyba was flexible in my choice of location, client and project. Their immigration process has been great and they helped me overcome a lot of hurdles through their strong immigration team. For a staffing company of this size, their salary pay out are on time and correct which is rare among many of their counterparts. Kyyba's human resources team is one of the best I have worked for and I will always look forward to working with you them. The accounts team and their marketing has worked very well for me. Last but not the least, in [COO] they have an absolutely awesome leader and under him they will definitely go places.
-BI Developer
I appreciate your time in contacting me and the professionalism of Kyyba overall. I will be sure to mention Kyyba at every opportunity I get. I very much the effort you and [Account Executive] put forth for me.
-Indirect Inventory Management SAP Development
I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with my new contract at the [Client]. Your efforts were outstanding. The process went smooth. You provided me with the necessary information I needed to succeed during the interview process. I will refer you to other PM's as they become available.
Thanks again,
- Sr. Project Manager
I want to thank you for your consideration and your insight that ultimately resulted in getting me hired! The [Client] hired me on contract as an IT Technical Writer. It is a very challenging opportunity and it has the potential to be extended. It has been a pleasure working with you and I am sincerely grateful for the time and effort you have put into helping me secure this opportunity. Thank you, again for your professionalism and commitment.
Kind Regards,
IT Technical Writer
The main thing I appreciate is the quick response that I get when I contact you, you seem to be right on top of things.
I'm impressed with the newsletter, I like seeing that someone takes the time to put that together and get it to all of us.
Also, I appreciate that there has not been any pay problems and I have been with the company close to a year.
One more thing, the Account Director came to Kokomo to visit, [Account Executive] she seems to be very interested in the people and wanted to be helpful.
-Maintenance Area Supervisor
I have been with other contract houses and Kyyba has, for me, been the best. What matters to me are:
♦ The reputation with my customer of the company I represent,
♦ Their responsiveness to my needs and questions,
♦ A sense that I am part of a team of humans; not an insignificant cog in an corporate machine.

My customer [Client] has on more than one occasion voiced the highest respect for the company.
Every time I have had an issue or question, I not only received a prompt answer; but felt that they shared my sense of importance to it.
From the calls and letters to the Christmas party, I continue to feel that I am part of a family.
-Maintenance Process Analyst
Joining the Kyyba team two years ago was one of the best decisions of my career. I enjoy so many aspects of working for this company. I like knowing I am valued as a person, an employee and always feel appreciated! It feels great to know that I am personally contributing to the success of the company. I also love interacting with each and every one of the diverse individuals who work at Kyyba. My job is enjoyable, challenging, and with Kyyba, I get to work with an amazing team of intelligent and caring individuals!
-Company Car Coordinator
Working for Kyyba has been a very easy company to work for.
For example:
• The ease of communication
• Quick response time to personnel questions
-Via e-mail
-Via phone
• Kyyba makes training classes available for personal growth
• The initial interview process
-Helped understand expectations of new employer
-It was a very quick and smooth process
• Kyyba's online payroll process is very convenient
• Kyyba's monthly newsletter updates and recognitions not to mention incentives for new hires and/or contests
• Their Account Representatives monthly visits to the work site for any questions or concerns or just see how your job is going.
• The comfort of knowing your questions and/or concerns are always confidential.
-VSE Coordinator
Kyyba is making strides in evolutionizing itself into something greater than it already is. I am thankful to have an opportunity to be a part of this and learn.
-IT Technical Recruiter
"From day one, I knew Kyyba was where I wanted to be. I was very impressed with the people I met during the interview process, and my respect for the Kyyba team has increased over time. Since joining Kyyba, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to lead a variety of projects. My job allows me the unique opportunity to work with diverse people, both locally and globally. I have peers across the country, and the projects I work on are supported by a dedicated group of co-workers in Trichy (India) - we make a fantastic team. Not only am I surrounded by friendly and talented people, but there are so many opportunities for me to develop. Whether it is developing myself by exploring and finding my passion or perfecting the skill sets one already has, Kyyba molds to each individual.

Flexible timing gives me an opportunity to create a perfect work-life balance. Furthermore, the atmosphere prevailing at Kyyba is flexible enough and forgiving to every employee to get up from their mistakes and prove to others what their real abilities are. My manager has provided a mix of knowledge and resources to help me work through challenges.

I truly enjoy my job, and when I leave at the end of each day I feel as though I have made a contribution to the success of our organization.
-Operations Coordinator
I like to work for Kyyba because they promote a fun work environment to work in. Everyone is extremely friendly, the work atmosphere is inviting. They are extremely flexible with my schedule with allowing me to leave 15-30 before my scheduled time so that I can pick up my son from day care on time. They are hugely family oriented, with bring your kids to work day, family picnics, and holiday parties. They are also very understanding that if you need to leave for a family emergency or for a sick kid.

Kyyba is also huge into giving back to the community recently we just did a school supply drive for Farmington Public Schools "Operation Common Good and held a fundraiser "Annai Ashram" to help provide for the children. Kyyba is a wonderful family oriented company to work for.

I was first asked to be a temporary fill in for the front desk for 5 months back in December 2012 and everyone was so nice and so understanding of me coming in and not knowing much about what Kyyba is all about. I finished my last day January 25, 2013. Early April I was contacted about coming back and filling the administrative position full-time and I was thrilled because I knew I was coming back to an awesome company that valued me.
-Administrative Assistant
I love working at Kyyba Inc. because it promotes empowerment, happiness, and self-improvement.

The sense of empowerment comes from SAP project I am working on, I can take the imitative to identify and solve issues. Additionally, I am encouraged to discover and test new features to maximize the usability of the system for the company.

Social events such as Kyyba Picnic, Ice-cream/Nacho Party and potluck party create the happiness for the employees. We laugh, enjoy the food, and share happy moments together after work.

The short films from monthly staff meeting about wolf taught us to be the "hunter "in the group and how to collaborate in the team. Those films inspired us to focus on self-improvement and stay competitive in the team.
-Accounting Analyst
This past winter, I had been seeking a new position and Kyyba was actually one of Recruiting firms I was working with. When an internal position opened and I had a chance to speak with [CTO] about the job I immediately jumped at the chance to work for a great company and the challenge of getting a chance to rework the infrastructure from the ground up. This has been a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as an individual as well as help to grow and improve the business. I have achieved much since starting here and have plans to do more for Kyyba in the future.

The people here are friendly and inviting, I was made perfectly comfortable as a new employee and welcomed in with open arms. Recently Kyyba received some training dollars from Automation Alley and when I inquired for myself if I was eligible to receive training they accepted me into the program! This is a huge boost for my career and personal knowledge I am hoping to use this knowledge in the future to improve and secure Kyyba's network and push us to the bleeding edge of technology.
-IT Support Coordinator
I've been with Kyyba for one month and I am amazed at how well they take care of their employees! They are the kind of company that you see on 60 Minutes, Dateline, or America's Top 100 Companies to work for. This is first company I've know who embraces your failures because they believe before great things occur, you must fail fist! I love being here.
-Sr. Sales Representative
Working at Kyyba is great. They provide a fun atmosphere for recruiters to connect and place talented engineers into great jobs. There are always new events or initiatives to help us learn new things about the industry or just take a few moments in the day to relax and take a break from the rigors of recruiting. Some of the perks I enjoyed at Kyyba were; bagel Fridays, free coffee, ping-pong tournaments with co-workers, being recognized for my hard work and a general sense of happiness and laughter in the office.

[CEO] is a very charismatic and energetic leader. He cares not only about the success of this company, but the success of his employees. He coordinates monthly meetings where he helps build up his team through encouragement and training focusing on our strengths to help us reach our own personal goals. [CEO] has assembled a team of leaders around him that will continue to grow the business and provide countless opportunities for recruiters to place people into careers. In all, Kyyba is a really outstanding place to work.
- Technical Recruiter
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