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2 Jan 2017

Focus On Your Strengths

When you work on strengthening your strengths, you no longer feel like you’re paddling upstream. Everything is easier and more natural. Being the best requires both talent and hard work. If you know you don’t have talent in a certain area, stop pushing yourself in the hopes that you can manufacture it through sheer effort. Instead, focus on the areas where you do have talent, and work to develop them. If you develop your strengths first, your weaknesses will have a tendency to take care of themselves.

To express the best of yourself in life and work, you must identify and channel your unique strengths. When you study lastingly successful people, you find that they have one thing in common: they focus on their strengths, and manage around their weaknesses.

Everyone has a natural aptitude in something. We all have a special ‘gift’. If you are incredibly interested in something, you’ll make yourself good at it.

Strengths are personal characteristics that allow us to perform well or at our personal best. But, it’s not enough just to know what our strengths are; we have to put them into practice. Every day try to use your strengths in a new way or area of your life.

On the other hand, working to develop your natural talents is self rewarding and motivating, allowing you to continually realize higher and higher levels of ability, achievement and success. Invest your time and energy in being great at something. You will be happier. Focus on your strengths. Experience the immense satisfaction that comes with being superb at something.

Determine what you’re good at, and get better at it