At Kyyba Innovations, we accelerate innovation with startups and corporations. The core services and programs provide entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities for cross pollination and increased deal flow across the globe.

Pitch Club Michigan is an ongoing series of monthly startup events across the Michigan landscape (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Pontiac, and Grand Rapids). The events are meant to educate, network, inspire and provide valuable experiences for being investable.

The challenges cut across several verticals like Mobility, AI, Fintech and more. The competition unites key players to generate enduring solutions to the biggest industry challenges and concerns. Real solutions for real problems. The Detroit Fintech Challenge is powered by Kyyba Innovations in association with Tech Tow.

Expertise and experience blend to add value to your product life cycle. We bring extreme development methods to build exceptional products. We do this at lightning speed and efficiency by collaborating with you.

At Kyyba Innovations, we strongly believe that great minds shape the thinking of successive historical periods. Clearly, our conception of the world and our place in it is drastically changing. At Kyyba Innovations, we admit and we embrace this constant transformation that is challenging the way we live and interact.

Kyyba Innovations provides a platform for individuals and corporations across the world, to cross-pollinate their ideas and perspectives in diversified industry verticals (B2C, B2B, M2M and more) like mobility, auto-manufacturing, fintech, travel, insurance, social spacing, health and wellness. Every aspect of the business is changing and with the speed of technology and innovative mind set, products are being redefined and customer lifestyles are being reinvented. A record number of innovative start-ups have mushroomed across the globe – each bringing its own creative solutions. How could we revitalize the economy and bring value to the global landscape with this disruption?

Kyyba Innovations was formed to be a bridge between challenges and solutions offered in a global scale. We experiment, we take risks and we create. We think and act fast. We fail fast. In our failures, we celebrate the opportunities. Our high performance innovation engine is powered by tools, skills, platforms, processes and values that bring all these independent forces together as a vital network of change. The core of our business lies in evaluating companies, its products, its health and monitoring trends and help with funding and scaling of the companies looking to grow and have a world-wide impact.