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28 Jun 2018

10 POWERFUL Language Tips for Your Next Interview

1. The Perfect Handshake The perfect handshake should be strong, hold a complete grasp of the hand, and should be accompanied by eye contact and a smile. 2. Exude Confidence ...

19 May 2018

The Value of Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism can be hard to hear, but given right, it can inspire both the critic and the critiqued. People like to be right, correct, and accomplished, and when they’re ...

16 Apr 2018

How to Get Things Done Faster, Cut Out the Middleman

Cutting out the middlemen also known as disintermediation, is a business model that bypasses intermediaries in a transaction or a series of transactions to deal directly with someone instead of ...

28 Mar 2018

Leveraging Passion at Work

What is passion? Passion is an intense emotion or overwhelming enthusiasm for something. Passion energizes people and keeps them engaged. There is a need for organizations to identify such people, ...

6 Mar 2018

Learn and Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to perceive and accurately express emotions, facilitate thoughts through emotions and to manage emotions for a positive growth. Emotions are quite natural. We need ...

9 Feb 2018

Using Technology in Small Business

Technology can help small business owners leverage limited capital in smarter and more effective ways. here are some tips on utilizing technology to better your ...


13 Nov 2017

Top 10 Career Fields for the Future

The Top 10 Career Fields for the Future! Entrepreneurs Registered Nurses Operational Managers Accountants and Auditors Software Developers Computer System Analysts Research ...


6 Oct 2017

The Minimum Wage Debate

$15 minimum wage increase has been a national debate for many years. In 2013, the 44th President of United States, Barack Obama called for raising the minimum wages to $9 ...