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3 Sep 2017

Taboos of the Two Week Notice

Sarah is ready to quit her job, as she has just accepted a new one. She is excited about it but concerned on how her current manager will react. “Will ...

3 Aug 2017

Cyber Security and 2017 Predictions

The word ‘cyber’ is now firmly entrenched in our day-to-day life because our society today depends so much on technology. Be it the banks that hold your money, the cars ...

10 Jul 2017

Electronic Tattoos

Electronic Tattoos…the first thing that came into my mind was the gang of modern bikers with iridescent tattoos on their biceps. Well, here we are not talking about that glow ...


6 Jun 2017

Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Winning Resume

Make your resume stand out from the crowd   A well-written and professional resume plays a crucial role in your job search. They are means of conveying your credential’s and ...

1 May 2017

Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letter Writing&Formatting

Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letter Writing & Formatting In this digital age, most of us question whether we need a cover letter anymore. Does anyone really read this? My ...

3 Apr 2017

Leadership in profit business

Good leadership is an integral part of any successful company. Every industry has leaders who come from a variety of fields. They are men and women of determination who have ...


6 Mar 2017

Detroit’s Resurgence – The Great Comeback

Do you remember the story in the Times magazine way back in October 2009 which read – “Detroit: The Death – and Possible Life – of a Great City : ...

6 Feb 2017

360 Degree View of the Customer

We are now in the new era -“Age of the Customer”. Customers are your company’s assets. Understanding customers is the key to provide them good service. To deliver your promise, ...