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6 Mar 2018

Learn and Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to perceive and accurately express emotions, facilitate thoughts through emotions and to manage emotions for a positive growth. Emotions are quite natural. We need to analyze, understand, resolve and monitor our thoughts and feelings.


Emotional intelligence plays a critical role in many of the major decisions of an organization. Employee interaction with customers determines how customers feel about the organizations. So employees should be adept at EQ (Emotional Quotient) competencies. Employees with high EQ equals increased productivity, better creativity, and accomplishments.


Emotional intelligence can be learned and developed using these strategies:


  • Observe how you react to people. Do you rush to judgment before you know all of the facts? Do you stereotype? Look honestly at how you think and interact with other people. Try to put yourself in their place, and be more open and accepting of their perspectives and needs.
  • Do you seek attention for your accomplishments? When you practice humility, you know what you did, and you can be quietly confident about it. Give others a chance to shine, put the focus on them, and don’t worry too much about getting praise for yourself.
  • What are your weaknesses? Are you willing to accept that you’re not perfect and that you could work on some areas to make yourself a better person? Have the courage to look at yourself honestly.
  • Examine how you react to stressful situations. Do you become upset every time there’s a delay or something doesn’t happen the way you want? Do you blame others or become angry at them, even when it’s not their fault? The ability to stay calm and in control in difficult situations is highly valued in the business world and outside it. Keep your emotions under control when things go wrong.