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M & A Strategy

Kyyba submitted a proposal on M&A Strategy focusing on 4 key areas; 1) a candidate sourcing & filtering model, 2) financial and valuation model, 3) M&A best practices, and 4) an execution and recommendation plan. With this proposal Kyyba was able to successfully secure their first MAP project team, the M&A project, which is where this story begins.

The MAP team's goal is to develop a repeatable candidate sourcing and filtering process that the company can use for future M&A activity. Kyyba was looking to develop and implement a comprehensive M&A process in order to achieve its inorganic growth objectives. The company would like to diversify its customer base, moving from the automotive industry into financial services, healthcare, and insurance while diversifying geographically.


Meet Our Team of Students:

  • Andrew
  • Patrick
  • Andy
  • Brian

  • Perform industry and market assessment.
  • Develop candidate sourcing and database creation methodology.
  • Develop comprehensive candidate evaluation tool.
  • Provide acquisition target recommendations.
  • Provide instructions for future use of filtering tool.
  • Develop process implementation recommendations specific to the candidate sourcing and evaluation process.
  • Develop deal valuation model for assessing various financing structures.
The final stage of the project was a trip to Tamil Nadu, India for the team to visit Kyyba's locations in Trichy and Chennai. The team explored India where they attained additional key interviews and got to understand the true culture of Kyyba. This adventure allowed for the team to participate in a once in a lifetime experience.

Methodology Used:

Primary Research:
  • 12 Kyyba Interviews
  • 3 Expert Interviews
  • 3 Site Visits
  • 1 Trip to India
Secondary Research:
  • Hundreds of Company Targets Analyzed
  • Dozens of M&A Studies & Articles Reviewed
Deliverable Creation:
  • Thousands of Hours of Combined Effort
  • Dozens of Model iterations & Tweaks
Having Fun Along the Way:
  • 4 Cities in India Visited
  • 5 Temples Toured
  • 7 Elephant Kisses
  • Dozens of Beers Consumed
  • Countless Amazing Meals
  • One Incredible Experience
Thorough research, data collection, information-gathering, and interviewing took place to ensure a quality project execution that met Kyyba's requirements and provided multiple invaluable tools that will be used for many years while Kyyba continues to grow and expand their inorganic business. Kyyba sponsoring a UofM MAP project was not only useful and knowledgeable for the students, it was also a great decision for Kyyba that resulted in a successful project completion to assist with their company goals.
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