Mobile devices are ubiquitous and an integral part of our everyday life. There is also a great demand for speed and businesses must catch up. Mobile application development is not different and has its roots in more traditional software development. The need to access information anytime, anywhere has blown the doors off on-demand for mobile devices and the accompanying cellular bandwidth that feeds all the applications that run on these devices.

Tech Offerings






Modern enterprises demand sophisticated mobile apps to empower mobile employees. Kyyba can guide you on what will work best in your environment. You may need:

  • A Responsive Application with all the cost advantages that it affords.
  • An application built using a modern framework such as React Native, Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, Kendo UI or PhoneGap. Giving you the advantage to deploy on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • A native Application developed in iOS or Android.

Solid Backend

A good mobile application needs a robust and scalable backend to serve burgeoning needs of a dynamic organization. We handle all of that under one roof.

Attractive & Intuitive

Engaging and intuitive apps need excellent UI. We have that as well. Our talented team of UI/UIX designers and front end developers work seamlessly to deliver robust apps that reduces overall costs and makes customers and organizations extremely productive.

Strong Team

Our mobile application development team members are experts in building custom solutions to handle any specialized need, on any mobile device.

Mobile applications have changed the way people look at the tasks at hand. It has changed the way people tackle their day-to-day activities. Our track record of timely delivery is a testament to our dedication to quality and responsiveness. Kyyba Tech provides organizations with the best tech expertise to rapidly and elegantly meet your ever changing business needs.

Maintenance & Support

Yes, we can help build your application from the ground up. We are qualified and have a mature team and processes in place to help with application maintenance and support.