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Kyyba has a vast experience in IT and engineering projects and related services, from working with a variety of its clients. Based on this, Kyyba offers a spectrum of services and unique advantages to its clients:

Why Kyyba?

  • Custom application and entire system development, support, porting, re-engineering, and independent verification and validation (IV&V).
  • Full life-cycle of application products, based on Kyyba’s own product development, as well as product services for its clients.
  • Business knowledge in 12 industries and industry sectors.
  • Technology knowledge in a vast spectrum of latest and legacy technologies, including hardware, operating software, networks, development and support platforms, DBMSs, programming languages and techniques.
  • Dozens of standardized SDLC methodologies, management processes, techniques and tools, and governance mechanisms.
  • Customization of methodologies, management processes, techniques and tools, and governance mechanisms for individual engagements.
  • Industry-leading planned and just-in-time internal project staffing services, from Kyyba’s well-recognized staffing services.
  • Transparency of management and technical information between clients and Kyyba, in a pre-agreed manner.
  • Multiple pricing options, including deliverable-based, effort-based and outcomes-based options, tied to degrees of shared management, including client-managed, Kyyba-managed and co-managed.
  • Pre-architected multiple-level client-Kyyba relationship models, incorporating different interaction detail level and interaction frequency at different relationship levels.
  • Flexibility of approach to changing client situations, rather than a rigid contract-driven approach.
  • Near-immediate access to Kyyba top management, including the Kyyba CEO.


Kyyba will custom-build a unique overall solution to your specific situation, requirements, constraints and time-frames. Our discovery will aim to understand and analyze all facets of your requirements. Our solution will aim to simultaneously optimize your various needs, including at the technical level, process level, management level, governance level, contractual level and business level.

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